Form a US Company for Non-US Residents


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1. I live outside the US and am a Non-US Resident. Can I still form a US company?

Yes! The State of Delaware allows anyone to form a US company. You can also operate the US company from your own country or from within the US. You don’t even have to come to the US to set up your company.

2. What is the difference between your service and an incorporating company?

We have created an automated system that allows you to create the formation certificate ready for uploading to the state, which will form your US company. This saves you the fees other companies charge you to fill out the form and upload it for you. By using our automated system you will see how easy it is to form your own US Corporation or LLC. Further more we provide all of the resources you need, such as operating agreements, share or member certificate templates and of course a real US bank account. You don’t require a SSN (tax ID) to open the account (and yes, you can be a non-US resident). We also include a free US phone number.

Most incorporating companies will charge a non-US resident $400 – $2,000. Using our automated system you can set up your company for only $90 (plus the cost of our service). If you require your company to be set up within 24 hours (excluding the weekend), the state charges an additional $50, on top of the $90 fee.

3. What will be my total costs to set up a US company?

Your total cost will be $197 for our service + $89 to form a Corporation (or $90 for an LLC). There are no other fees.

Unlike most incorporating companies, we provide you with the services of a registered agent for the first year.

There is no charge to set up your EIN and US company bank account. And the bank account has no minimum deposit and no monthly or yearly fees!

4. What are my ongoing annual fees?

You will have 2 ongoing annual fees:

1. The State fee of $175 for a US corporation (or $300 for an LLC)

2. The registered agents fee of $65 per year. Most registered agents will charge you $150 – $200 a year, including your first year. Our registered agent only charges $65 a year and your first year is free (the agent is also a Certified Practising Accountant – CPA). If you need to file a US tax return and you use our registered agent, he will waiver your fee entirely.

5. Do I need a registered agent?

Yes. All Delaware companies require a registered agent regardless of who they use to set up their company.

6. Can I use my US company to help get a working VISA into the US?

Yes, this is possible, however we are not qualified to give advice in this area.

7. What is an EIN and do I need one?

An EIN is like a SSN (Social Security Number) for your company. You aren’t required to set up an EIN, however you will need one to open a US bank account. Our kit shows you how to set up one for free and instantly.

8. Are there any restricted countries?

The US doesn’t allow accounts to be opened by citizens of the following countries, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and Burma (Myanmar).

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